Puppy Love – A Guide to Puppy Purchase and Care

Buying or receiving a new puppy is like a new addition to the family.As we know the first 12 months of life sets the foundations for the future.What do you need to be aware of when you first bring your puppy home and what requirements does your new member of the family have during the formative first 12 months of life.

Contact our practice to organise to speak to one of our vets or trained staff to discuss your lifestyle and puppy requirements -which will differ between breeds.


How do I know that the puppy is healthy?

  • we recommend getting a pre or post purchase puppy check with us to ensure that there are no obvious issues with your puppies health. We will give an unbiased assesment of your new puppies health,as well as give you information on puppy care,vaccinations,behavioural advice,worms and parasites, nutrition and sterilisation procedure.

​Please call us to arrange an appointment if you require a Puppy Check Up with us


What a Puppy Needs and how we can help


  • Is important in the formative first 12 months of life
  • Ensures proper bone and muscle growth
  • Maintains healthy immune systems
  • We have a variety of puppy formulations from Eukanuba, Advance & Hills to suit all puppy breeds


  • For Distemper , Hepatitis , Parvo virus  and Canine Cough
  • Initially vaccinate at 10 – 12 weeks of age then annually
  • Prevents these life threatening diseases by promoting a stronger immunity


  • For intestinal worms starting from 4-6 weeks of age
  • Preventative medication for Heartworm starting at 12 weeks of age
  • Intestinal worms can cause maldigestion and poor growth in young puppies
  • Heartworm can cause heart disease and needs to be prevented by regular treatments


  • Aids in returning lost pets as they can be scanned
  • Now a requirement by State and Local government
  • Need to register with local council and Central Animal Registry


  • Normally done at 6 months of age under full General anesthetic
  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • Prevents certain diseases like mammary tumours later in life
  • Does not affect your dogs personality
  • Can reduce unwanted behavioural issues like agression to other dogs

Puppy Classes

  • Held at our practice for your convenience
  • Improves obedience , behaviour and defines social boundaries
  • Best done early in the puppies life from 12 weeks of age


Where can I find a puppy?

  • Newspaper adverts in the pet section
  • Local pet shop
  • Internet for registered breeders or backyard breeders
  • Local paper
  • Local vet bulletin board


How do I know that the puppy is right for me?

  • Websites like Selectapet have a lot of information to help you choose what sort of puppy will be better for you and your family

click on this link for SELECTAPET website

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